30 days of traffic – Day #3

Good start of the day, Got the ezine article approved today, will be interesting to see the results from that.

Today I updated the site-hype blog with a rewrite of the ezine article and did social media submissions using the site hype software. I also tried the blog comment function and the twitter function.

All worked fine. Was a while since I really tried to use my own software for real from beginning to end. Only problem is that I found lots of things that I want to change. Ill start on that tomorrow…

30 days of traffic – Day #2

It’s day 2 and I have had problems stopping me (why day 2 is 2 days behind day 1…). I am about to upgrade my internet connection to a faster one at Bredbandsbolaget. Sure enough they disconnect my adsl and phone at the right day. Only problem is that the new direct cable lines is broken at their end..  So, no phone, no fast internet. Luckily I have a mobile internet connection so… kind of a speedbump…anyway it took two days of frustration to sort everything out

Blog comment is the task for the day. Wrote, what I though, was a brilliant post to warriors forum only to see it removed without a comment 10 minutes later. Still, 2 new signups to the software. Need to do more blog commenting.

Also, got my article back from ezinearticles, rejected. Seems they didn’t like my english. A friend, Karen, offered to check it for me. So now its better and corrected.

Also, in the days between day 1 and day 2 (that sounds strange…) I managed to do a couple of minor fixes to the site-hype software after good feedback. The Twitter functions had a few graphical glitches and some spelling errors.

30 days of traffic – Day #1

First day of traffic work for www.socialtraffictool.com

In the first your traffic tip I recommend posting to ezine articles, i created the account for this yesterday.

Today I wrote the first text for ezinearticle and an author resource box to match. I took special care to customize the resource box so that the body text flows into the resource box.

I reread each article three times and fixed grammar, spelling and just strange things.  And, then used my brother for an extra round of proof reading. Once you have your articles on the article site and it starts to you can no longer edit it, so better get it right from the start.

Uploading to ezine articles is simple and I only use that site since it the very largest. The goal is to get other sites to use my article and provide backlinks to my site when they publish the author resource box.

I also did a manual rewrite of it to use on my www.site-hype.com blogg.

There are many ways to do rewrites, since i only needed one rewrite i simply read each paragraph of text and tried to express the meaning of that paragraph in another way. Its perhaps not the easiest way to do it but you end up with something that is very different and high quality.

So, in about 2-3 hour i now have 2 origi9nal articles that I actually think are pretty good and one of them uploaded to ezinearticles. I will not see any results from ezinearicles in a while since all articles are manually approved before they are published.

30 days of traffic – Day #0

This is the day before the first day of work on bringing some visitors to my new site www.socialtraffictool.com.

So here are the preparations I have  done today:

I created a new gmail account and a new yahoo account to use for only this site. I still use a variation of my real name for the email, so it won’t look like one of the auto generated email accounts.

Using my new gmail account I signed up to yourtraffictips.com to get the list of traffic tips.

This is my own list but subscribing to it and actually taking action on the advices will give me a chance to review the emails. Besides its always good to be reminded of what you know and to get concrete action tips if you don’t know what to do. I have found that the worst time waster is when you just sit and wait to decide what to do with no specific plan. So for these 30 days the fall back plan is to follow the tip in the email if i don’t have anything more important to do.

Next I created a new account of free ezinearticles. Again a used my real name and added a photo for credibility.

For this project i created a new folder and a text file in notepad where I wrote down

I will use this document to copy and paste this information to the different forms I will need to fill later.

That was all I had time for today. The rest of the day went to support, programming and work on some other sites. About 1 hour of effective work on this so far.

Getting traffic to a new site in 30 days

It’s been a long time since I did anything with this site, so for the next month or I am going to use this site to document and experiment where I try to bring some traffic to a new site of mine.

First of all the site is done, Its basically a download page for a new software program.A page with description and a download link.

I have Google Analytics setup and verified that it is working, there are a few few visitors in the logs but that is just from my own testing.

Napoleon Hills Principles of Personal Achievement

Money Back Guarantee
Image by Roby© via Flickr

It was a long time since I wrote on this blog so time to update. The reason has been that I have been very busy working on the www.site-hype.com/wordpress site, all articles on web traffic generation has been posted on that blog as well of a lot of text about Twitter.

I want to focus this blog on personal development, mostly for my own references. So to get this blog going again here are Napoleon Hills Principles of Personal Achievement listed.

1. Definiteness of Purpose
2. Mastermind Alliance
3. Applied Faith
4. Going the Extra Mile
5. Pleasing Personality
6. Personal Initiative
7. Positive Mental Attitude
8. Enthusiasm
9. Self-Discipline
10. Accurate Thinking
11. Controlled Attention
12. Teamwork
13. Learning from Adversity and Defeat
14. Creative Vision
15. Maintenance of Sound Health
16. Budgeting Time and Money
17. Cosmic Habitforce

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Getting Projects Done

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Recently I have been doing lots of work to get my site-hype project going. Site hype is a service that helps people get more traffic to their web sites but that is not what I am going to write about today.

We are not done with the project yet, in fact, we are just about getting started. Still, I wanted to take this chance to write down a few things that has helped the project so far, perhaps the same ideas can help your projects.

The first thing I did was to take in a partner.

If you can find a partner you can work with and that complements your skill this one small thing can be the difference between a successful project and a total failure. If you don’t take a real partner in the project at least find a mastermind group or a mentor.

You need someone that makes you accountable to get things done. Someone who motivates you when it’s a little touch and I can promise you, all non trivial projects will have a period where it’s not just sunshine.

There will always be a phase where everything is almost done but not quite done, this is where projects get delayed, this is where you need your motivation. Work that little extra to get past that speed bump.

Set goals. This should be obvious, but it easy to forget especially with your own projects. You are probably very motivated at the start and then it might seem like a waste of time to set your goals.

Its not!

Set long term goals, set medium term goals, set weekly goals and even set your daily personal goal.

And set dates.

We have a long term goal to have 100 members using the site-hype system. We have a short time goal to have completed out beta test at the end of February and each week we set goals on what to do.

And follow up on your goals, we do a weekly project review

Communicate. You don’t have to meet in person, if you do internet project that might be hard or even impossible. We use Skype to make sure we keep in touch each and every day. We motivate each other, can discus questions we have. And we always have an open Skype chat window where we can write down ideas or ask questions.

Systemize and Make visual plans. You should write down plans and system in plan text but making diagrams as well. It just makes everything more clear, not only for your partner but also for yourself. For our marketing strategy I have made Visio diagrams, they are easy to follow and helps us communicate.

That’s it for today. The project is coming along fine, can’t wait to share more progress with you all.

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9 Sites That Turns Your Web Traffic Into Gold

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You want to earn money from your sites visitors, right? One easy way to do that is to put up some advertising on your web pages. You can sell your advertising space yourself but that takes time. An easier and better way is to join one or more of the available advertising network.

After you have joined a network and have been accepted you will receive custom html/JavaScript code to add to your web pages. When your web page loads the add-network inserts their advertising on your page where the custom code is. If your web site has traffic you will eventually get paid.

There are typically two ways people buy advertising on these networks, either based on the number of views of the advert (CPM) or based on the number of clicks on the link in the advert (PPC).

You probably already know about Google AdSense which is the largest network by far. But there are a lot of other smaller alternatives that are worth testing. Generally Google can pay you less since they are so large. There are also sites that AdSense don’t accept but are accepted by other networks.

Here are 9 advertising networks you need to test if you want to transform your visitors into gold.

Google adsense
Snoork Ads

The amount of money you will make from your site is directly related to the number of visitors your site has. Subscribe to my free daily web traffic newsletter, and get free ideas on how to increase the number of visitors to your site. You can also implement the Site Hyping system.

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Finally, more visitors to your site!

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After much work, more than I anticipated, the Site Hyping report is finally up and available

I have been writing a lot lately about web traffic generation here and you might already be getting my free web traffic tips from YourTrafficTips.com, if you are not getting it you should signup. YourTrafficTips is all about easy to use ideas written down as a few steps, easy to follow. Like a smorgasbord of tactics to pick from.

Site Hyping on the other hand is a step by step system to bring more visitors to your site using social networking and web 2.0. Its much more comprehensive. You will learn from the very beginning how to get more visitors to your web site and exactly what you need to do. You can use the site hyping system as a base and then complement it with ideas from the free newsletter.

This is my first info product targeted at web masters. When I started to write on it I never really intended it to be released as a product, it was just meant for a few selected friends….

In a project that I do with a couple of friends we have a few people that are quite new to site promotion. They know how to create web sites, they are experts in their field and know how to write content, but what’s the point with no visitors.

Me being a bit lazy, I didn’t want to work on all web traffic generation myself. So I decided to write down what has been working for me so far, so that they could do all the work. The one page explanation quickly grew to a 20 page report. I gave the report to the people in my group and… got a lot of questions back… now it was no longer a simple report but rather a step by step system. There is a flow chart to follow on what to do each day and forms to follow and fill in as you do your work.

So I figured, now I have a system that anyone one can follow why not share it with the rest of the world and make some money…  Money is nice to have and I have always wanted to do an info product.

So, if you want more visitors to your site and can follow a step by step system, take my system for a test and let me know what you think.

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The 5 second task that will jumpstart your day

Here is a simple thing I do every day to help me be more productive and it only takes about 5 seconds.

When you wake up from sleep each day your body is as most dehydrated. Your body is in need of fluid… Spend 5 seconds as the very first thing you do when you wake up and drink a large glass of water. You will re-hydrate your body and almost instantly feel a buzz of energy. If you can turn this simple action into a habit, I promise you that you will get more done each day.

To form a habit your will need to do the same thing at every day for at least two weeks in a row. Write a note and put on the door to the shower and other places where you know you will notice it each day. Form your new habit a day at a time until that first glass of water is a habit of yours.

Another simple thing that does wonders to boost your productivity is to begin your day writing down on paper what you intend to do this very day. Combine the planning with the simple glass of water and you will most likely double your productivity and feel much better!

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