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How to get web traffic using social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the many new ways to drive traffic to your site. Done right you can get an absolutely enormous surge of traffic for a short period of time but there are also more long time advantages with social bookmarking.
Social bookmarking sites let people tag web sites and add comments to them. [...]

7 ways to get more web traffic

You want more visitors to your web site, right? I know I want more visitors.
If you sell from your site for visitors is more money in your hands. If you just doing your site for fun a well trafficked sites still gives more satisfaction. As your site gets more and more popular you get more [...]

Welcome to Improve by Doing

My name is Fredrik Lönn. Welcome to my new blog – Improve by Doing!
So what will this be all about?
I will write about personal development and internet marketing and web traffic generation.
So, let us start off with a small personal presentation. Then I will write a few word of what you will get out of [...]