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Search engine optimization – black and white

Search engine optimization is about trying to improve your position in the search engine for a specific web page for a given search term.
Many people see Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as something bad. As something done to spam search engine, an annoyance.
It can be.
This type of SEO is often called black hat SEO. [...]

Compare yourself to your competition

I am always interested in knowing how I am doing against other similar sites in my area. If they are getting more visitors I want to know and find out why. If I am doing better than the competition that is also valuable to know. Besides, it feels good! is a service that let you [...]

Are your sites better than your competition? is the largest online bookstore in the world. started with selling books online. Now you can buy almost anything from them. What is perhaps not that well known is that also has a range of web services? One of the largest is Alexa.
Alexa measures web popularity by users that have their toolbar [...]

Three free tools to exploit your web competitors

Is someone stealing your visitors? No matter what your site is about there are other sites on the internet targeting the same type of visitors, your visitors.
Would it not be great if you could spy on your competition and see what they do?

If you know what keywords people are using to find your competition you [...]

Web traffic with video sharing sites

Get web traffic with videos from video sharing sites like YouTube. Video sharing sites are popping up like mushrooms these days. This is because of the added videos support in Flash. And that more and more people are getting broadband internet connections.
On video sharing sites users can upload video clips to a server and [...]

Web traffic with Press releases

A press release is a cheap and awesome way to get traffic to your site. If your press release is successful you not only get it republished on other web sites but also in written press.
A Press release is your way to send objective news to the press.
The fact is that people working at [...]

A web traffic flood – part 2

In the first part of this article I introduced PPC as a way to bring a flood of traffic to your web site. I ended when we were just about to start writing our advertisement. We had already created and logged into the adwords account and selected the keywords to target.
So next you have to [...]

A web traffic flood

Want to turn your traffic trickle into a flood?
There is one simple way to almost instantly turn on a stream of traffic to your site.
I have written a few posts about how you can get free traffic to your site. If you follow my advice you will eventually be successful, but it will [...]

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude

Now I have completed listening to the audio book version of “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude”. Napoleon Hill got the book published in 1960. You can hear it has a couple of year on its head by the type of words used in some places, but still the content is as valid today as [...]

Article writing for article directories – part 2

Yesterday I started to write about article submission.
I hope you took the time to write your article yesterday. Now is the time to re-read it and fix mistakes.
I always try to do my writing over more than one day or at least do it in two sittings. If you let the text go away from [...]