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New free search based keyword tool from Google

Google just recently released a new cool search based keyword tool for keyword research. You can use it for free at:

The Search-based Keyword Tool generates keyword relevant and specific to your website. The result from the sktool is based on real searches on Google.
As usual with Google the tool is labeled as beta. Google always [...]

5 easy ways to raise your Alexa ranking

Yesterday I wrote about how the Alexa traffic ranking is not very reliable. If you missed yesterdays post you can read it here.
Two advantages of a high Alexa traffic ranking is that you can make more money if you sell your site and you can charge more for advertising.
Install the Alexa toolbar
Make sure to install [...]

You don’t have as much web traffic as you think!

Your Alexa site ranking can be very important. If you decide to sell your site, its traffic ranking will most likely have an impact on how much you will get for your site. If you sell advertising on your site you can be sure the advertiser checks your traffic rating.
But are the Alexa traffic [...]

Finally a great name for the web traffic project

Image by Joel Olives via Flickr

So today I finally decided on the name to use for my new web marketing project, and I am really excited about it! I managed to get a name I like both for the actual product and for the software that is a vital part of it.
I will [...]

14 social web sites to build your web traffic

Image by .Andy Chang. via Flickr

Here is a quick roundup of 14 popular social sites. All these are nominated for the open web award. Most of these can be used to build web traffic in one way or the other.
dotblu is the place for friendly competition.
Facebook probably need to introduction. If you don’t know [...]

How to use Google Adsense and get money from web traffic

Yesterday I wrote about 5 ideas you can use to cash in on your web traffic. The first idea was to use Google Adsense and to put Google adverts on your site to get paid per click.
When you signup for a free Adsense account at Google where you will get a small snippet of custom [...]

5 easy ways to turn your web traffic into money

You have a web site that is getting a decent amount of visitors. Now it is your turn to cash in.
If you do not have enough web site visitors I urge you to sign up to my totally free web traffic newsletter.

Here are 5 ways you can start making real money from your sites starting [...]

What is a Blogroll?

What is a Blogroll and what is the advantage to having one public? I just got asked this question after helping a friend setting up a new Wordpress blog.
A blogroll is simply a list to other related blogs often with a short snippet of the latest post.
For SEO its good to be featured on [...]

A dead easy way to get free matching photos for your Blog

You might have noticed that my last few Blog entries have a small icon at the bottom of each post. The icon is from a service called Zemanta. Zemanta is a really nice new service that will assists you in your blogging.
The program is available as a free Firefox addon, and that is the version [...]

Don’t plan to fail

Yesterday I wrote about how important it is to focus on your current goal. I guess its even more important to have goals and a plan to reach the goal.
I want to share with you a simple way to make plans that works especially good for small projects.
If you fail to plan you plan to [...]