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How to focus on one best web traffic tactic

You want to get something done. Then the most important thing is to focus your attention.
If you divide your attention you will get stressed up but usually not much more will happen.
That is why I gave the advice in another post about creating a list with your daily targets.
In software development there is a very [...]

Make sure search engines updates your updates

Do you have a blog like this one? Then you have probably noticed the word ping. What is a ping?
A ping is simply a signal send out from your blog to let everyone know it has been updated. Search engines and a lot of other web services are listening to pings to know when to [...]

Are people talking behind your back?

Do you want to know what people are saying about you, your site or your products?
Google alerts let you subscribe to a search phrase. If you signup to the free service you get a new mail each day on new discoveries by the google bots for your phrases.
Subscribe to keywords related to your product or [...]

My social bookmarking sites of choice

A very small part of developing my marketing software is to decide among all the hundreds of social bookmarking services to support. I just went through my list of sites. What a perfect time to share the ones I use regularly with you all.
If you think there are others that should be in the list [...]

The first test of my new marketing software

Today I am feeling a lot better after the cold and I feel ready to share, information that is, not the cold.
First I will ramble a bit but please stay with me. I will provide some information that is hopefully useful.
Yesterday I did a first small test of my new social promotion software with anyone [...]

It is that time of the year, again

I just caught a cold. Something all Swedish people know will happen just about every autumn. One thing that really amazes me is the lack of good medicines for the common cold available here in Sweden.
I supposed it is not that bad and you are supposed to take it.
In the US on the [...]

How to improve your blog posts

Let me share my process to write blog posts.
When you setup your blog I hope you created a list of categories. Make sure your subject matches one of the categories, that it matches your site.
I always start with a title. When you begin it does not have to be really great. Just a title that [...]

Are you wasting half your life?

How to get more done every day
Being successful on the internet or in life in general requires you to get things done. One very common technique to help you with this is to start your day with a planning session. This is really simple and I will tell you how. If you don’t do this [...]

Anyone want a free ingoing link from google?

Just recently Google started to index their google profiles. At the moment the links from the profiles are giving page rank and are not marked as no-follow, ie you can get a free link from google to your site.
Write your own profile at and don’t forget to link to your own sites.
The profiles are [...]

3 ways to NOT get web traffic

I have written a lot about what you should do to get traffic to your web page. You can probably learn just as much from what you should not do. I have personally tried most of these. Boys and girls do not try this at home.
Ignore your keyword research
It is easy to ignore your keyword [...]