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30 days of traffic – Day #3

Good start of the day, Got the ezine article approved today, will be interesting to see the results from that.
Today I updated the site-hype blog with a rewrite of the ezine article and did social media submissions using the site hype software. I also tried the blog comment function and the twitter function.
All worked fine. [...]

30 days of traffic – Day #2

It’s day 2 and I have had problems stopping me (why day 2 is 2 days behind day 1…). I am about to upgrade my internet connection to a faster one at Bredbandsbolaget. Sure enough they disconnect my adsl and phone at the right day. Only problem is that the new direct cable lines is [...]

30 days of traffic – Day #1

First day of traffic work for
In the first your traffic tip I recommend posting to ezine articles, i created the account for this yesterday.
Today I wrote the first text for ezinearticle and an author resource box to match. I took special care to customize the resource box so that the body text flows into [...]

30 days of traffic – Day #0

This is the day before the first day of work on bringing some visitors to my new site
So here are the preparations I have  done today:
I created a new gmail account and a new yahoo account to use for only this site. I still use a variation of my real name for the email, [...]

Getting traffic to a new site in 30 days

It’s been a long time since I did anything with this site, so for the next month or I am going to use this site to document and experiment where I try to bring some traffic to a new site of mine.
First of all the site is done, Its basically a download page for a [...]