Getting traffic to a new site in 30 days

It’s been a long time since I did anything with this site, so for the next month or I am going to use this site to document and experiment where I try to bring some traffic to a new site of mine.
First of all the site is done, Its basically a download page for a [...]

Getting Projects Done

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Recently I have been doing lots of work to get my site-hype project going. Site hype is a service that helps people get more traffic to their web sites but that is not what I am going to write about today.
We are not done with the project yet, in fact, we are [...]

You need to beta test your info products

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I have been working hard lately to get my first info product ready. And todays lesson is this… people don’t understand all you write even though what you write seems obvious to you….
I already have quite a few software products, but this is the first time I am trying my luck on [...]

It is that time of the year, again

I just caught a cold. Something all Swedish people know will happen just about every autumn. One thing that really amazes me is the lack of good medicines for the common cold available here in Sweden.
I supposed it is not that bad and you are supposed to take it.
In the US on the [...]

Three things you must do before starting your Wordpress blog

Wordpress is a great platform for a blog, hey, I am using it here.
Wordpress is even a good alternative if you want a normal site and not a blog. It is easy to update the content from anywhere and it is very easy to customize the look and feel of your site. There are [...]

Welcome to Improve by Doing

My name is Fredrik Lönn. Welcome to my new blog – Improve by Doing!
So what will this be all about?
I will write about personal development and internet marketing and web traffic generation.
So, let us start off with a small personal presentation. Then I will write a few word of what you will get out of [...]