The magic of influence – part 2

Yesterday I started to write about the magic of influence.
A short recap of the ladder of influence.
The first step was normal everyday guys, the next step someone you know and the third step was an expert.
The next step in the ladder is the celebrity. A celebrity is a person everyone knows. If a [...]

The magic of influence

I have been listening to a lot from Dan Kennedy lately.
Dan is one of the top copywriters in the world and a genius at direct marketing.
One of the interesting things Dan teaches is how people are influenced.
Direct marketing is all about influence. What applies in direct marketing often transfers to internet marketing. [...]

5 ways to build trust

Building a website is a lot of work, fun but still work. The ImproveByDoing blog you are reading right now is quite new and I have not had the time to do everything I should do.
This is not my first web site and it always takes a few weeks or months to do all [...]