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30 days of traffic – Day #3

Good start of the day, Got the ezine article approved today, will be interesting to see the results from that.
Today I updated the site-hype blog with a rewrite of the ezine article and did social media submissions using the site hype software. I also tried the blog comment function and the twitter function.
All worked fine. [...]

30 days of traffic – Day #1

First day of traffic work for www.socialtraffictool.com
In the first your traffic tip I recommend posting to ezine articles, i created the account for this yesterday.
Today I wrote the first text for ezinearticle and an author resource box to match. I took special care to customize the resource box so that the body text flows into [...]

30 days of traffic – Day #0

This is the day before the first day of work on bringing some visitors to my new site www.socialtraffictool.com.
So here are the preparations I have  done today:
I created a new gmail account and a new yahoo account to use for only this site. I still use a variation of my real name for the email, [...]

Finally, more visitors to your site!

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After much work, more than I anticipated, the Site Hyping report is finally up and available
I have been writing a lot lately about web traffic generation here and you might already be getting my free web traffic tips from YourTrafficTips.com, if you are not getting it you should signup. YourTrafficTips is all about [...]

Site hype waiting list

I just put up a waiting list for site-hype at http://site-hype.com signup to get update on the progress on the project and get an early notice when its about to launch.
Site-hype.com will be the main site for my upcoming web traffic software when it is released. I expect it to be launched early next year. [...]

Facebook to drive social web site traffic

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Facebook just this week announced that they will integrate their service more closely with their partner sites. When you use Facebook you will be able to access your accounts on sites like Discovery Channel, Digg, Twitter, Evite, SocialThing, StumbleUpon, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Geni without an extra login.
Some of these [...]

New free search based keyword tool from Google

Google just recently released a new cool search based keyword tool for keyword research. You can use it for free at:

The Search-based Keyword Tool generates keyword relevant and specific to your website. The result from the sktool is based on real searches on Google.
As usual with Google the tool is labeled as beta. Google always [...]

You don’t have as much web traffic as you think!

Your Alexa site ranking can be very important. If you decide to sell your site, its traffic ranking will most likely have an impact on how much you will get for your site. If you sell advertising on your site you can be sure the advertiser checks your traffic rating.
But are the Alexa traffic [...]

Finally a great name for the web traffic project

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So today I finally decided on the name to use for my new web marketing project, and I am really excited about it! I managed to get a name I like both for the actual product and for the software that is a vital part of it.
I will [...]

14 social web sites to build your web traffic

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Here is a quick roundup of 14 popular social sites. All these are nominated for the open web award. Most of these can be used to build web traffic in one way or the other.
dotblu is the place for friendly competition.
Facebook probably need to introduction. If you don’t know [...]