A dead easy way to get free matching photos for your Blog

You might have noticed that my last few Blog entries have a small icon at the bottom of each post. The icon is from a service called Zemanta. Zemanta is a really nice new service that will assists you in your blogging.
The program is available as a free Firefox addon, and that is the version [...]

How to improve your blog posts

Let me share my process to write blog posts.
When you setup your blog I hope you created a list of categories. Make sure your subject matches one of the categories, that it matches your site.
I always start with a title. When you begin it does not have to be really great. Just a title that [...]

Are you putting Bad content on your site?

When you start a new site you should start to build your content right away. It will always take a while for search engines to find you and see you as a source of information that should be indexed.
Social bookmarking and web 2.0 sites has made it much faster to get pages indexed than [...]

Article writing for article directories – part 2

Yesterday I started to write about article submission.
I hope you took the time to write your article yesterday. Now is the time to re-read it and fix mistakes.
I always try to do my writing over more than one day or at least do it in two sittings. If you let the text go away from [...]

Article writing for article directories

Article writing is one of the oldest ways on the internet to get traffic to your site. I will give you a few advices to get more visits from your articles.
Article directories are web site that list articles in all kinds of subjects. An author submits his articles to the directories and visitors read the [...]