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New free search based keyword tool from Google

Google just recently released a new cool search based keyword tool for keyword research. You can use it for free at:

The Search-based Keyword Tool generates keyword relevant and specific to your website. The result from the sktool is based on real searches on Google.
As usual with Google the tool is labeled as beta. Google always [...]

Are people talking behind your back?

Do you want to know what people are saying about you, your site or your products?
Google alerts let you subscribe to a search phrase. If you signup to the free service you get a new mail each day on new discoveries by the google bots for your phrases.
Subscribe to keywords related to your product or [...]

5 new ideas for researching keywords

I have written an introduction to keyword research earlier. If you have not read it before take a few minutes and go back and read that post.
Keyword research is important to make sure there is an audience for what you write about. It is also a tool to find new audiences you did not [...]

Google insight

Another great tool you should know about is Google insight.
Google insight is a free service from Google that allows you to compare search patterns in categories, in specific regions and over time. It also gives a list of search terms related to your keywords.
Enter one or more search term in the search box.
Next, Filter [...]

Compare yourself to your competition

I am always interested in knowing how I am doing against other similar sites in my area. If they are getting more visitors I want to know and find out why. If I am doing better than the competition that is also valuable to know. Besides, it feels good! is a service that let you [...]

Are your sites better than your competition? is the largest online bookstore in the world. started with selling books online. Now you can buy almost anything from them. What is perhaps not that well known is that also has a range of web services? One of the largest is Alexa.
Alexa measures web popularity by users that have their toolbar [...]

Three free tools to exploit your web competitors

Is someone stealing your visitors? No matter what your site is about there are other sites on the internet targeting the same type of visitors, your visitors.
Would it not be great if you could spy on your competition and see what they do?

If you know what keywords people are using to find your competition you [...]

Improve web traffic with keyword research – Part 2

Yesterday we started our keyword research by coming up with a number of keyword phrases and placing them in a spreadsheet.
We are ready to begin
The next step is to make a visit to WordTracker. They have a free keyword research tool at:
The free version has a limit to the number of results you will [...]

Improve web traffic with keyword research – Part 1

Keyword research is the process of finding words and phrases that people use when searching the internet.
Keyword research acts like a catalyst for web traffic generation.
“Catalysis is the process in which the rate of a chemical reaction is increased by means of a chemical substance known as a catalyst. Unlike other reagents that [...]