What is a Blogroll?

What is a Blogroll and what is the advantage to having one public? I just got asked this question after helping a friend setting up a new Wordpress blog.
A blogroll is simply a list to other related blogs often with a short snippet of the latest post.
For SEO its good to be featured on [...]

Anyone want a free ingoing link from google?

Just recently Google started to index their google profiles. At the moment the links from the profiles are giving page rank and are not marked as no-follow, ie you can get a free link from google to your site.
Write your own profile at and don’t forget to link to your own sites.
The profiles are [...]


So today I am going to be short. I am just going to share one site I discovered quite recently, or rather I known about it for a while but started using recently. Point your browser to :
This Yahoo site is a really nice to keep on top of what is happening now in the [...]

Concepts Instead of keywords

I have written about the importance of keyword research before and it is important. But, the game is changing. First a short background than I will tell you why this is important to you.
One of the new search engine technologies getting talked about lately is LSI. LSI stands for latent semantic indexing and it is [...]

Off-page search engine optimization

Yesterday I wrote about on-page web page Search engine optimization. On-page optimization is required to get your web page to rank well but it is not enough.
The other big ingredient in getting top ranking in the search engines is called off-page optimization. Off-page optimization is about making other pages help increase your pages ranking. In [...]

On page Search engine optimization

On page SEO is about making it easy for the search engines to index your web page for the right terms. There are a few things you should always do or at least know about when creating a web page.
Use the <title> tag
The title tag is displayed in the title of the web browser. You [...]

Search engine optimization – black and white

Search engine optimization is about trying to improve your position in the search engine for a specific web page for a given search term.
Many people see Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as something bad. As something done to spam search engine, an annoyance.
It can be.
This type of SEO is often called black hat SEO. [...]