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Recently I have been doing lots of work to get my site-hype project going. Site hype is a service that helps people get more traffic to their web sites but that is not what I am going to write about today.

We are not done with the project yet, in fact, we are just about getting started. Still, I wanted to take this chance to write down a few things that has helped the project so far, perhaps the same ideas can help your projects.

The first thing I did was to take in a partner.

If you can find a partner you can work with and that complements your skill this one small thing can be the difference between a successful project and a total failure. If you don’t take a real partner in the project at least find a mastermind group or a mentor.

You need someone that makes you accountable to get things done. Someone who motivates you when it’s a little touch and I can promise you, all non trivial projects will have a period where it’s not just sunshine.

There will always be a phase where everything is almost done but not quite done, this is where projects get delayed, this is where you need your motivation. Work that little extra to get past that speed bump.

Set goals. This should be obvious, but it easy to forget especially with your own projects. You are probably very motivated at the start and then it might seem like a waste of time to set your goals.

Its not!

Set long term goals, set medium term goals, set weekly goals and even set your daily personal goal.

And set dates.

We have a long term goal to have 100 members using the site-hype system. We have a short time goal to have completed out beta test at the end of February and each week we set goals on what to do.

And follow up on your goals, we do a weekly project review

Communicate. You don’t have to meet in person, if you do internet project that might be hard or even impossible. We use Skype to make sure we keep in touch each and every day. We motivate each other, can discus questions we have. And we always have an open Skype chat window where we can write down ideas or ask questions.

Systemize and Make visual plans. You should write down plans and system in plan text but making diagrams as well. It just makes everything more clear, not only for your partner but also for yourself. For our marketing strategy I have made Visio diagrams, they are easy to follow and helps us communicate.

That’s it for today. The project is coming along fine, can’t wait to share more progress with you all.

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