Three things you must do before starting your Wordpress blog

Wordpress is a great platform for a blog, hey, I am using it here.

Wordpress is even a good alternative if you want a normal site and not a blog. It is easy to update the content from anywhere and it is very easy to customize the look and feel of your site. There are tons of ready to plug n play themes for Wordpress. And the last good reason, it is free.

Here are three things you should do before you write your first post.

First decide how you want to organize your blog with categories. Do your keywords research on your categories in Wordtracker. Having your categories setup before you start makes you sure target the right keywords that there are readers for, focus on writing about the right things for the site. A good category layout makes it easier and more logical for visitors to find your content.

Setup your ping list. A ping list is a list of sites that will get an update notice every time you publish content on your site. You can edit your ping list under settings / writing. Search for ping list on the internet and paste it into the text window. You should have this setup before the first post you publish or your will miss the old post. If you do forget it you can go back and edit something in all old posts.

Wordpress uses short urls by default. It is much better to have your keyword research categories in your url and the title of your post. It is better for search engine optimization and it generally makes more sense. In Wordpress go to settings and select the permalink tab. There select the custom radio button and enter “/%category%/%postname%/ “. Now each post will get a permanent url with the category and post title in the url.

You are now ready to write your first page. You can write directly in Wordpress but I prefer to write in word and paste it later into Wordpress. If you do like me make sure to paste into the source tab. If you paste in the preview tab you will get hidden extra characters, the bad think is that they will be visible when you publish your post.

Wordpress is a great platform for your site. If you want tips on how to get visitors to your new blog you can signup to me free newsletter and get a new idea for traffic generation every day in your mailbox.

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I’d also recommend users take the time to plan a series of articles, something that will take a couple of weeks to reach the climax of the article.

For example, I write about a lot of technology issues and release a couple of articles in my Dreamweaver series over a week to both give people time to provide feedback and also so that I have time to write quality articles.


Actually that is a very good idea.
Its great to have content already ready to go.
I also find it much easier to sit down and write several articles in a go if they are around a specific subject.

Is Wordpress available for Mac?

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