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My name is Fredrik Lönn. Welcome to my new blog – Improve by Doing!

So what will this be all about?

I will write about personal development and internet marketing and web traffic generation.

So, let us start off with a small personal presentation. Then I will write a few word of what you will get out of following this blogg.

I am 35 year old live with my wife and two children in Sweden. I have so far run four different, more or less, successful businesses.

I currently work as a full time system architect (lead programmer) at the game development company Avalanche studios in Stockholm Sweden. I work in the engine group developing our core technology that is currently being used in the games like Just Cause 2 and The Hunter. I started to work professionally in game development more than 10 years ago but have been involved with computers since 1983. I hold a bachelor degree in computer science.

This blogg is not going to be about programming or computer games at all.

As I said before I have run a couple of companies, sometime fulltime and sometimes on the side of a regular employment. Right now I am involved in development and marketing of a number of software products, you can find them at my company site. At the moment my video indexing software and a new project is taking most of my free computer time.

Though this blogg is not about my software and it is not a blogg designed to market my programs. As a matter of fact I will try to not write about my software at all here.

In the last year I have gotten more and more interested in personal development. I am currently spending a lot of time improving myself and my leadership, trying to work more effective. The last couple of month I realized that I really did not know much about marketing. My current project is to learn as much as I can about marketing in general and marketing on the internet in particular.

As I own a couple of web sites I also have an interest in getting more visitors to my sites.

This blogg is about my personal development, marketing and web traffic generation.

So how will I do this and what is in it for you?

Each day I spend about three hours travelling to and from my work on train. During this time I listen to courses and lectures about personal development, traffic generation and marketing. In this blogg I will write down my observations about what I have listened to and learned.

In essence you will get a distilled summary of a lot of material without the marketing talk. If you look at a lot of the sales pages for a lot of the products you get a list of questions they claim to answer. By reading this blogg I hope to be able to answer some of these questions and reading the answers will only takes you a few minutes instead of listening through hours of materials. By reading this you will get the essence of these programs, if you then want to investigate further you know what to expect.

So what type of material is he talking about?

Here is a short list of things I have studied the last couple of months; Jay Abraham marketing mastermind seminar, Dale Carnagie – Leadership mastery course, Lead the field, Dan Kennedy – several talks, Mark Joyner – SimpleOlogy and so on.

I will also try to squeeze in a few words about my application of the ideas and practical experiences.

Bookmark this page and I am looking forward to your comments and reflections on my posts.

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