You need to beta test your info products

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I have been working hard lately to get my first info product ready. And todays lesson is this… people don’t understand all you write even though what you write seems obvious to you….

I already have quite a few software products, but this is the first time I am trying my luck on a pure info product. The product is about how you can use social bookmarking and other web 2.0 technologies to bring free web traffic to your web site ( you probably know you can get a lot of free tips from me at ).

So I have the product finished and I am writing on the sales letter. Meanwhile I thought I should let a good friend test the product, to actually use it. Revolutionary idea…. When you work with software its so obvious you need to test, why shouldn’t you test an info product as well? and you should!

Turned out that my instructions wasn’t all that clear, I had missed a few vital pieces of information. So the result of this simple testing is now a much better product and one important lesson learned.

Always Test your stuff!

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