5 easy ways to raise your Alexa ranking

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Yesterday I wrote about how the Alexa traffic ranking is not very reliable. If you missed yesterdays post you can read it here.

Two advantages of a high Alexa traffic ranking is that you can make more money if you sell your site and you can charge more for advertising.

Install the Alexa toolbar

Make sure to install the Alexa toolbar yourself. If you use several computers install it on all of them. You might think of yourself as just one visitor and that you don’t make much difference. You should think of yourself as one of the statistical daily visitors to your site.
Say that you have 100 unique visitors to your site per day. In that case you really represent 1% of your visitors. Say that 10 percent of all normal visitors have the toolbar installed, then you represent 10% of the visitors that counts on Alexa. So by simply installing the toolbar on one computer and visit your site daily you will raise your site ranking with 10%.

Offer your visitors to download the Alexa toolbar

Add a link to the Alexa toolbar and ask people to install it. You can create a custom version for free with your own logo. Raise the number of repeat visitors who have the Alexa toolbar installed and you will raise your ranking. Here is really the same example as above put in another way. If 10% your visitors have the toolbar and you have 100 visitors a day. Get one more visitors with the toolbar per day and you will again raise your ranking with 10%.

Use the amazon.com affiliate program

Alexa is owned by amazon.com and they most likely will use referrals in their statistics. How this counts is a bit shady since they don’t spell it straight out. Get more people to visit amazon.com and your Alexa ranking will most likely go up.

Link your domains

If you spread your site over more than one domain each time a visitor goes from one domain to another they will be counted as a new visitor. For example if you have a forum for your site you can put that on another domain. If you have a signup form put that on another domain and redirect visitors back to your domain after they signup.

And the best way to raise your Alexa traffic ranking

The best way to raise your ranking is obviously to get more real visitors. Signup to my free web traffic newsletter and get short practical tips to take action now.

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