5 easy ways to turn your web traffic into money

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You have a web site that is getting a decent amount of visitors. Now it is your turn to cash in.

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Here are 5 ways you can start making real money from your sites starting today.

Use Google Adsense

Sign up for a free Adsense account at Google and add the tracking to your site. You will get a commission for each visitor who clicks an Adsense link on your site. How much you get paid depends on the quality of the site and the keywords for the adverts on your pages. Make sure to have more than one Adsense unit on each page and add a Google search option to your site as well.

Signup for an Amazon affiliate account

Sign up for a free affiliate account from Amazon. Amazon started out selling books but now you can buy just about anything from there You will earn a rather small percentage of all sales made to a redirected customer. But, you will earn it for all products the customer buys during that buying session. Even redirecting a customer for a small priced item can give you commission for other high ticked items.

Sell products through an affiliate network

Create a free account at Clickbank, commission junction or the likes and sell affiliate products. Make sure the products you sell are a close match to your content. It’s a good idea to use different products for different pages. If you have an email list you can sell products through it as well.

Sell adult entertainment

If your site has content that is adult in nature you can make a lot of money selling subscriptions to adult membership sites. You normally get paid each month as long as a member stays with the program. There are a lot of programs, signup to this one that is one of the better converting. You don’t have to use adult content on your site. If you do make sure the hosting company allows it and that your visitors are not minors.

Sell software through regnow

Regnow has an affiliate program where you can sell software as an affiliate. You typically get at least 30% of each sale. Signup for a free account and promote software that solves problems for your target visitors.

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