5 ways to build trust

Building a website is a lot of work, fun but still work. The ImproveByDoing blog you are reading right now is quite new and I have not had the time to do everything I should do.

This is not my first web site and it always takes a few weeks or months to do all that is important. And even if you do everything right it will take time for the site to draw visitors and build organic search engine traffic.

I personally try to focus on getting content up on the site first. If it turns out I really don’t like the subject I have to write about it is much easier to close down a site with few visitors. Not that it is hard to take down a site with many visitors, but, once you have it rolling it feels like a waste.

Today I will try to point out a few things I have not had the time to fix yet on this site. I hope to get around to it soon. If you read this entry much later than when it was published I hope all of it is fixed.

I hope you can go through the list and hopefully find some things you have missed as well and if you find more things I should do please comment.

All these small things work to improve the credibility of your site, important if you want people to buy from your site or give you their email.

A personal about page

Write in a personal voice in the about page. Explain what the site is about, what people will get out of it.

Add contact information to the site

Contact information is important for credibility, especially if you are selling from your site. In this blog I am not really selling things just hoping to get peoples email and give them my free daily traffic tips.

Add photo on the about page

A photo makes a site more personal. I have avoided to put any photos on my sites since I have not thought it relevant before. But it adds credibility and It should be there.

Write and publish a privacy policy

A privacy policy should tell people what they can expect from your site. There are many examples on the net and I should have one as well. I have no intention of selling contact information and I should make that clear.

Write and publish a security policy

This one is important when you are selling things from your site. Again, I don’t sell from this site but wanted to mention it here anyway.

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