Are you wasting half your life?

How to get more done every day

Being successful on the internet or in life in general requires you to get things done. One very common technique to help you with this is to start your day with a planning session. This is really simple and I will tell you how. If you don’t do this or something similar you are in effect wasting half your life!

I have taken up this habit the last year and I would say it has about doubled my productivity. It has also decreased stress and increased my motivation as I see myself making much more progress toward my goals.

Start the day with a blank paper and write down everything you plan to do during the day.

Sit down alone and remove all distractions. Take the phone off hook, disconnect your mobile phone and really concentrate on what you need to get done today.

There will be things that you have to do, for example buy food, wash laundry.

Then there will be stuff you have promised to others.

Finally there is stuff you need to do to make progress on your current projects.

When I have something I need to have completed on a particular day I use outlook and book a time with myself just to get a reminder.

During your daily planning session you write down the tasks for the day on the paper. Then carry around the paper during the day and check off each item as they are completed. If there are stuff left at the end of the day you use them as a starting point for you next planning session.

Working with paper works fine and was recommended in the classic Lead the field from Earl Nightingale.

Now I use Simple-ology that uses this system as part of its first course. I highly recommend you try it. It is free and can be a real life changer. The only “problem” is that it is done by Mark Joyner who truly is a master marketer. You will probably end up buying some of his other products as well, they are good though.

So now you can get even more of my daily traffic tips done.

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sounds like an idea I should test, starting today.

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