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Saturday Scrum Sprint 01

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You want to get something done. Then the most important thing is to focus your attention.

If you divide your attention you will get stressed up but usually not much more will happen.

That is why I gave the advice in another post about creating a list with your daily targets.

In software development there is a very popular new development methodology called Scrum. One of the main components in Scrum is to divide the work up in sprints. In scrum you focus your attention on the work closest in time.

A project is divided into a number of sprints and each sprint start with the team deciding on what to focus on during the sprint.

Each day in Scrum is started with a team gathering where every one says what they will focus on during the day.

Focus is important since you make progress on what you focus on. If you don’t focus your attention you are probably not spending your time where it makes the most difference.

I start my day by writing down my goals for the day. Actually I write my goals two times, one for my daytime job and one for my other projects. In this way I can focus on work during work time and my new projects during my free time.

I have all my meetings scheduled in Outlook. I also schedule meetings each day with myself having reminders saying things like “Are you doing the right thing right now”. It is easy to get sidetracked and I like getting reminded like that.

If you are getting my newsletter with web traffic tips, focus on one tip at a time. Store all the tips in a folder and select one that you will use to get results. If you try to use them all you will spread your attention.

Focus on one marketing tactic at a time and see if it works for you.

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The difficult thing I find is to take control of your mind. I really enjoy the “context switching” way of doing things, but I KNOW it is now the most efficient way to get things done.

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