Napoleon Hills Principles of Personal Achievement

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It was a long time since I wrote on this blog so time to update. The reason has been that I have been very busy working on the site, all articles on web traffic generation has been posted on that blog as well of a lot of text about Twitter.

I want to focus this blog on personal development, mostly for my own references. So to get this blog going again here are Napoleon Hills Principles of Personal Achievement listed.

1. Definiteness of Purpose
2. Mastermind Alliance
3. Applied Faith
4. Going the Extra Mile
5. Pleasing Personality
6. Personal Initiative
7. Positive Mental Attitude
8. Enthusiasm
9. Self-Discipline
10. Accurate Thinking
11. Controlled Attention
12. Teamwork
13. Learning from Adversity and Defeat
14. Creative Vision
15. Maintenance of Sound Health
16. Budgeting Time and Money
17. Cosmic Habitforce

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