The 5 second task that will jumpstart your day

Here is a simple thing I do every day to help me be more productive and it only takes about 5 seconds.

When you wake up from sleep each day your body is as most dehydrated. Your body is in need of fluid… Spend 5 seconds as the very first thing you do when you wake up and drink a large glass of water. You will re-hydrate your body and almost instantly feel a buzz of energy. If you can turn this simple action into a habit, I promise you that you will get more done each day.

To form a habit your will need to do the same thing at every day for at least two weeks in a row. Write a note and put on the door to the shower and other places where you know you will notice it each day. Form your new habit a day at a time until that first glass of water is a habit of yours.

Another simple thing that does wonders to boost your productivity is to begin your day writing down on paper what you intend to do this very day. Combine the planning with the simple glass of water and you will most likely double your productivity and feel much better!

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