Think and grow rich

Do you know what makes people successful in life?

Napoleon Hill spend 20 years of his life trying to answer just that question and he spend the rest of his life teaching his findings.

If you have not read “Think and grow rich”, you should!

It is a short book, you can get it cheap and it most likely will change your life for the better.

Just search at for it at Amazon or where you buy books, there is an audio version of the book available but this one you realty want in print to be able to make notes in it. Or perhaps both to listen while you read it.

I am currently listening to “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude” by the same author, Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone. The books teaches how you can turn problems into success and how a Positive Mental Attitude is required to do that.

Napoleon Hill was a very famous author and teacher. Clement Stone followed Hills teachings and was very successful in his time. What most people don’t know is, though Napoleon Hill did make a fortune he also ended up broke. Clement Stone on the other hand applied the ideas in the book by following a system, and he ended up very rich.

I am currently listening to the audio version and expect to write about it once I have completed it.

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