Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

I am writing this as my little girls are outside with their grandfather getting this years christmas tree. Last couple of weeks has been kind of slow here mostly because my Wife has completed her PhD and I have had to take care of the house and the girls. If you read this blog the last year i hope you have found some of the tips useful.

Next year i promise many more tips in this blog, i will add more tips to my web traffic tips ( ) and you will see the launch of site-hyping… Its going to be an exciting year!

Merry Christmas!

Fredrik Lönn

You need to beta test your info products

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I have been working hard lately to get my first info product ready. And todays lesson is this… people don’t understand all you write even though what you write seems obvious to you….

I already have quite a few software products, but this is the first time I am trying my luck on a pure info product. The product is about how you can use social bookmarking and other web 2.0 technologies to bring free web traffic to your web site ( you probably know you can get a lot of free tips from me at ).

So I have the product finished and I am writing on the sales letter. Meanwhile I thought I should let a good friend test the product, to actually use it. Revolutionary idea…. When you work with software its so obvious you need to test, why shouldn’t you test an info product as well? and you should!

Turned out that my instructions wasn’t all that clear, I had missed a few vital pieces of information. So the result of this simple testing is now a much better product and one important lesson learned.

Always Test your stuff!

That’s all for today, why not follow me, frelo, on twitter?

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Site hype waiting list

I just put up a waiting list for site-hype at signup to get update on the progress on the project and get an early notice when its about to launch. will be the main site for my upcoming web traffic software when it is released. I expect it to be launched early next year. In the first round I will limit the number of copies to 100, to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible. There will also be a number of bonuses and a member area.

So signup to the waiting list and be first in line.

Facebook to drive social web site traffic

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Facebook just this week announced that they will integrate their service more closely with their partner sites. When you use Facebook you will be able to access your accounts on sites like Discovery Channel, Digg, Twitter, Evite, SocialThing, StumbleUpon, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Geni without an extra login.

Some of these sites are quite well known. I already use Digg, Twitter and StumbleUpon to help promote my software and web sites and you should to.

Geni is a really good service to build you family tree. I use it together with some of my relatives. It is good to get reminders on people’s birthdays and quite fun to see your family tree grow.

EVite is a nice free service to create and send out invitations of any kind. I have really not played around with this but I will take a closer look. If you have experience with the service please leave a comment below.

SocialThing is still in closed beta so you will require an invite to use it. The site allows you have a place for all you friends to see what you are doing on other sites.

Learn about how to use social web sites and more in my traffic tip newsletter, sign up is for free and you get a new idea for at least the next 40 days (and by the time you get there probably even longer).

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New free search based keyword tool from Google

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Google just recently released a new cool search based keyword tool for keyword research. You can use it for free at:

The Search-based Keyword Tool generates keyword relevant and specific to your website. The result from the sktool is based on real searches on Google.

As usual with Google the tool is labeled as beta. Google always seem to put beta after everything they release even if its been tested by millions of users. Anyway, this tool is actually really useful today.

The sktool is created for Google Adwords users but anyone can use it for free. If you are logged into your Adwords account while you use the tool all keywords you already have in your campaigns will be filtered out. You can also specify your own filters to get more specific results. For example you can filter on a range for the bidding price. You can filter the results for a specific page by filling in the URL contains field with the name of your page (ie the part of your domain after the url).

Also note that by default the results are filtered on your billing region. In other words I got my results tailored for Sweden which is not what I wanted since my targeted market is really not Sweden. In the manage settings box in the left hand column simply change the setting to what you want.

When you do a search the tool tries to get keywords from your web site and the keywords you provide as a starting point for its suggestions. The results you get from the keyword search are always matched to the site you provide. Each search returns a list of suggested keywords with an estimate on monthly searched, how much competition there is and a suggested bidding price for the keyword.

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5 easy ways to raise your Alexa ranking

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Yesterday I wrote about how the Alexa traffic ranking is not very reliable. If you missed yesterdays post you can read it here.

Two advantages of a high Alexa traffic ranking is that you can make more money if you sell your site and you can charge more for advertising.

Install the Alexa toolbar

Make sure to install the Alexa toolbar yourself. If you use several computers install it on all of them. You might think of yourself as just one visitor and that you don’t make much difference. You should think of yourself as one of the statistical daily visitors to your site.
Say that you have 100 unique visitors to your site per day. In that case you really represent 1% of your visitors. Say that 10 percent of all normal visitors have the toolbar installed, then you represent 10% of the visitors that counts on Alexa. So by simply installing the toolbar on one computer and visit your site daily you will raise your site ranking with 10%.

Offer your visitors to download the Alexa toolbar

Add a link to the Alexa toolbar and ask people to install it. You can create a custom version for free with your own logo. Raise the number of repeat visitors who have the Alexa toolbar installed and you will raise your ranking. Here is really the same example as above put in another way. If 10% your visitors have the toolbar and you have 100 visitors a day. Get one more visitors with the toolbar per day and you will again raise your ranking with 10%.

Use the affiliate program

Alexa is owned by and they most likely will use referrals in their statistics. How this counts is a bit shady since they don’t spell it straight out. Get more people to visit and your Alexa ranking will most likely go up.

Link your domains

If you spread your site over more than one domain each time a visitor goes from one domain to another they will be counted as a new visitor. For example if you have a forum for your site you can put that on another domain. If you have a signup form put that on another domain and redirect visitors back to your domain after they signup.

And the best way to raise your Alexa traffic ranking

The best way to raise your ranking is obviously to get more real visitors. Signup to my free web traffic newsletter and get short practical tips to take action now.

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You don’t have as much web traffic as you think!

Your Alexa site ranking can be very important. If you decide to sell your site, its traffic ranking will most likely have an impact on how much you will get for your site. If you sell advertising on your site you can be sure the advertiser checks your traffic rating.

But are the Alexa traffic numbers really correct?

It is not statistical valid

The Alexa ranking is not statistical valid for rankings above 100k and it clearly states so on their site. The Alexa ranking is calculated based on the number of visitors to your site that have the Alexa toolbar installed. If your site has too few visitors the estimate on how many of all visitors have the toolbar installed is wrong, its simply not statistical significant.

The results are skewed

Depending on who is your target market, your ranking will differ by huge amounts. People that are interested in knowing the ranking of their own sites are way more likely to have the toolbar installed. If your site is about marketing or targeted to web site owners more of them will have the toolbar. Because of this, Alexas estimate on how many percent of internet users that have the toolbar installed will be wrong. And your site will get an incorrect traffic ranking.

Tomorrow I will tell you how you can easily raise your Alexa ranking. If you want more real visitors to your web site I urge you to sing up to my free web traffic newsletter.

Finally a great name for the web traffic project

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So today I finally decided on the name to use for my new web marketing project, and I am really excited about it! I managed to get a name I like both for the actual product and for the software that is a vital part of it.

I will keep you updated on this project here. When the project has launched I expect to share some interesting results with everyone.

For the last year or so I have used social marketing in many different ways and forms as a tool to drive web traffic to my different sites. Much time has been spent learning the details and following different programs.

I also use and employ traffic assistants to help in the process. There is really too much to do it all yourself if you have many sites and products.

To make the marketing process much easier and effective I am developing a new custom software. The software is right now being tested with other people. There is still work to be done to get it to a quality where I feel alright to share it with others.

The idea, when it is finished, is to share the software with everyone that is in my web traffic program.

I also plan to limit the number of members that I accept in the program to no more than 100. If I can keep the group relative small I expect that it is easier to build a good community in the spirit of helping each other. And I will be able to get to know the people in the group and learn something from them as well.

Another thing I have noticed during the last year is that the free marketing communities I have been part of simply do not work. If people can join for free there is not enough incentive to spend the time working in a system. A lot of the people signing up to the program are simply not that dedicated. The programs that have worked for me have had a monthly fee.

I rather spend a few dollars each month and get results from my time than just spend the time without results. So, the plan will be to have a monthly charge for the service.

Anyways, the next step is to setup a signup page for the site. Explain the project and let folk pre-register for the project launch.

If you want to be among the people in the pre-launch do signup to my free daily traffic tip newsletter. I intend to announce the news there first and you will get a new idea to build traffic to your site every day (well at least for the next 40 days as of this writing).

14 social web sites to build your web traffic

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Here is a quick roundup of 14 popular social sites. All these are nominated for the open web award. Most of these can be used to build web traffic in one way or the other.

dotblu is the place for friendly competition.

Facebook probably need to introduction. If you don’t know what Facebook is, just visit the site.

Fast Pitch!
Fast Pitch is a one-stop shop for a business professional to network and market their business.

Collect all your online activity in one place.

koornk is your personal shouting place that lets you stay in touch with your friends via short, quick messages. It works the other way too. And all you have to do is tell your friends (and the world) what are you doing at the moment.

Multiply makes it easy to create, share and discuss your blog, photos, and videos with more of the people you know, and fewer of the people you don’t.

Share your family tree and photos with the people you know and love. Geni is another large alternative doing the same thing.

Myspace is the social site that started the craze. Create your own space on the internet, very focused on music.

Netlog is another really large social site similar to facebook.

Platinum Lounge
A community site where you earn credits for everything you do on the site that you then exchange to real money.
Meet new friends who share your interests.

Come and watch videos, test your knowledge in quiz and meet new friends on sMeet without having to download or install. Take part in “Meets & Greets” with celebs, talk on the telephone and listen to live radio shows!

Create your own web site about a given subject.

Let everyone know what you are doing now.

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How to use Google Adsense and get money from web traffic

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Yesterday I wrote about 5 ideas you can use to cash in on your web traffic. The first idea was to use Google Adsense and to put Google adverts on your site to get paid per click.

When you signup for a free Adsense account at Google where you will get a small snippet of custom code to add to your html pages. The sniped of code is Javascript and will add html from Googles servers to your page.

Servers at Google deliver adverts from their database based on a secret equation. The equation factors in how much an advertiser is willing to pay, how relevant content he wants to drive visitors to and how high click through rate his advert has. For an advert to be displayed, your web page has to contain the keywords the advertiser is targeting for his campaign.

Another secret equation determines how much you will get paid for each person who clicks an advertisement. This equation factors in how relevant your content is and how much the advertiser pays to Google for the click. The relevance part of the equation is to prevent spam sites made just to get visitors for Adsense.

You can also use Adsense to add a custom Google search engine for your site. When people use your search engine they will also get adverts on the right hand side, just as on the main Google search engine. When they click these you will get paid just as for other ads.

So will you get rich from this? Well there are people today making a living on Adsense. It can be done but it generally requires a lot of high traffic sites ( You are signed up to my free web traffic newsletter right? ). You will also have to spend a lot of times optimizing your pages for Adsense to improve your click rate.

One big advantage with Adsense is that the ads are so very targeted. Most visitors don’t even see Adsense adverts as something bad, since they most of the time direct visitors to more relevant content.

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