30 days of traffic – Day #2

It’s day 2 and I have had problems stopping me (why day 2 is 2 days behind day 1…). I am about to upgrade my internet connection to a faster one at Bredbandsbolaget. Sure enough they disconnect my adsl and phone at the right day. Only problem is that the new direct cable lines is broken at their end..  So, no phone, no fast internet. Luckily I have a mobile internet connection so… kind of a speedbump…anyway it took two days of frustration to sort everything out

Blog comment is the task for the day. Wrote, what I though, was a brilliant post to warriors forum only to see it removed without a comment 10 minutes later. Still, 2 new signups to the software. Need to do more blog commenting.

Also, got my article back from ezinearticles, rejected. Seems they didn’t like my english. A friend, Karen, offered to check it for me. So now its better and corrected.

Also, in the days between day 1 and day 2 (that sounds strange…) I managed to do a couple of minor fixes to the site-hype software after good feedback. The Twitter functions had a few graphical glitches and some spelling errors.

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