9 Sites That Turns Your Web Traffic Into Gold

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You want to earn money from your sites visitors, right? One easy way to do that is to put up some advertising on your web pages. You can sell your advertising space yourself but that takes time. An easier and better way is to join one or more of the available advertising network.

After you have joined a network and have been accepted you will receive custom html/JavaScript code to add to your web pages. When your web page loads the add-network inserts their advertising on your page where the custom code is. If your web site has traffic you will eventually get paid.

There are typically two ways people buy advertising on these networks, either based on the number of views of the advert (CPM) or based on the number of clicks on the link in the advert (PPC).

You probably already know about Google AdSense which is the largest network by far. But there are a lot of other smaller alternatives that are worth testing. Generally Google can pay you less since they are so large. There are also sites that AdSense don’t accept but are accepted by other networks.

Here are 9 advertising networks you need to test if you want to transform your visitors into gold.

Google adsense
Snoork Ads

The amount of money you will make from your site is directly related to the number of visitors your site has. Subscribe to my free daily web traffic newsletter, and get free ideas on how to increase the number of visitors to your site. You can also implement the Site Hyping system.

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Great posting. This is a common question for so many publishers and website owners on how they can monetize their site(s) or content. One interesting item to consider regarding ADSDAQ is the ability to add code of other networks when ADSDAQ is not able to fill your ads so that you won’t loss out on revenue that can be generated by other networks.

And having the ability to name your own price is a great way to increase revenues.

Thanks for this article. I was wonder how to get more traffic on my sites without more work. This article takes care of that.

good tips on 9 tips that would trun your web traffic into gold

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This is good information to know. There are more advertising options than Google available.

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