How to use Google Adsense and get money from web traffic

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Yesterday I wrote about 5 ideas you can use to cash in on your web traffic. The first idea was to use Google Adsense and to put Google adverts on your site to get paid per click.

When you signup for a free Adsense account at Google where you will get a small snippet of custom code to add to your html pages. The sniped of code is Javascript and will add html from Googles servers to your page.

Servers at Google deliver adverts from their database based on a secret equation. The equation factors in how much an advertiser is willing to pay, how relevant content he wants to drive visitors to and how high click through rate his advert has. For an advert to be displayed, your web page has to contain the keywords the advertiser is targeting for his campaign.

Another secret equation determines how much you will get paid for each person who clicks an advertisement. This equation factors in how relevant your content is and how much the advertiser pays to Google for the click. The relevance part of the equation is to prevent spam sites made just to get visitors for Adsense.

You can also use Adsense to add a custom Google search engine for your site. When people use your search engine they will also get adverts on the right hand side, just as on the main Google search engine. When they click these you will get paid just as for other ads.

So will you get rich from this? Well there are people today making a living on Adsense. It can be done but it generally requires a lot of high traffic sites ( You are signed up to my free web traffic newsletter right? ). You will also have to spend a lot of times optimizing your pages for Adsense to improve your click rate.

One big advantage with Adsense is that the ads are so very targeted. Most visitors don’t even see Adsense adverts as something bad, since they most of the time direct visitors to more relevant content.

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