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Google just recently released a new cool search based keyword tool for keyword research. You can use it for free at:

The Search-based Keyword Tool generates keyword relevant and specific to your website. The result from the sktool is based on real searches on Google.

As usual with Google the tool is labeled as beta. Google always seem to put beta after everything they release even if its been tested by millions of users. Anyway, this tool is actually really useful today.

The sktool is created for Google Adwords users but anyone can use it for free. If you are logged into your Adwords account while you use the tool all keywords you already have in your campaigns will be filtered out. You can also specify your own filters to get more specific results. For example you can filter on a range for the bidding price. You can filter the results for a specific page by filling in the URL contains field with the name of your page (ie the part of your domain after the url).

Also note that by default the results are filtered on your billing region. In other words I got my results tailored for Sweden which is not what I wanted since my targeted market is really not Sweden. In the manage settings box in the left hand column simply change the setting to what you want.

When you do a search the tool tries to get keywords from your web site and the keywords you provide as a starting point for its suggestions. The results you get from the keyword search are always matched to the site you provide. Each search returns a list of suggested keywords with an estimate on monthly searched, how much competition there is and a suggested bidding price for the keyword.

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