30 days of traffic – Day #1

First day of traffic work for www.socialtraffictool.com

In the first your traffic tip I recommend posting to ezine articles, i created the account for this yesterday.

Today I wrote the first text for ezinearticle and an author resource box to match. I took special care to customize the resource box so that the body text flows into the resource box.

I reread each article three times and fixed grammar, spelling and just strange things.  And, then used my brother for an extra round of proof reading. Once you have your articles on the article site and it starts to you can no longer edit it, so better get it right from the start.

Uploading to ezine articles is simple and I only use that site since it the very largest. The goal is to get other sites to use my article and provide backlinks to my site when they publish the author resource box.

I also did a manual rewrite of it to use on my www.site-hype.com blogg.

There are many ways to do rewrites, since i only needed one rewrite i simply read each paragraph of text and tried to express the meaning of that paragraph in another way. Its perhaps not the easiest way to do it but you end up with something that is very different and high quality.

So, in about 2-3 hour i now have 2 origi9nal articles that I actually think are pretty good and one of them uploaded to ezinearticles. I will not see any results from ezinearicles in a while since all articles are manually approved before they are published.

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