30 days of traffic – Day #0

This is the day before the first day of work on bringing some visitors to my new site www.socialtraffictool.com.

So here are the preparations I have  done today:

I created a new gmail account and a new yahoo account to use for only this site. I still use a variation of my real name for the email, so it won’t look like one of the auto generated email accounts.

Using my new gmail account I signed up to yourtraffictips.com to get the list of traffic tips.

This is my own list but subscribing to it and actually taking action on the advices will give me a chance to review the emails. Besides its always good to be reminded of what you know and to get concrete action tips if you don’t know what to do. I have found that the worst time waster is when you just sit and wait to decide what to do with no specific plan. So for these 30 days the fall back plan is to follow the tip in the email if i don’t have anything more important to do.

Next I created a new account of free ezinearticles. Again a used my real name and added a photo for credibility.

For this project i created a new folder and a text file in notepad where I wrote down

I will use this document to copy and paste this information to the different forms I will need to fill later.

That was all I had time for today. The rest of the day went to support, programming and work on some other sites. About 1 hour of effective work on this so far.

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