7 ways to get more web traffic

You want more visitors to your web site, right? I know I want more visitors.

If you sell from your site for visitors is more money in your hands. If you just doing your site for fun a well trafficked sites still gives more satisfaction. As your site gets more and more popular you get more interaction with your visitors.

There is always the possibility to add plug-in a revenue stream later but it all starts with traffic. So I will give you 7 of the traffic generation Tactics I have and are still using.

Social Bookmarking

Using social bookmarking sites to promote your pages have two benefits. First it is the best way to get a quick visit from search engine spiders. Getting a visit on the page from a search engine spider is required for your site to be added to search engines like Google. If will also give you a few visits from people browsing your bookmarks.

Spend time on keywords research

If you research the keywords you write for you can target the keywords that don’t have too much competition while still getting searched for. If you neglect keyword research you are really wasting your time. So spending your time on this will in an indirect way earn you more traffic.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 sites are sites on the internet that allow you to create your own pages on their domain. They also provide a directory where visitors can find your content by browsing and searching. Linking to your site from these sites will give you new targeted visitors that have showed an interest in the subject you wrote about.

Article writing

Article writing is one of the oldest ways to get traffic to your site. The usual way to do this is to write an article and submit it do a few article directories. The articles should have good content and not be advertisements. When you submit your article you get to write a small resource box, include a link to your web page there.


PPC stands for Pay per click. You simply pay to get ranked in the search engine for an keywords. The most known PPC search engine is Google, if you pay for position on Google you get your add placed on the right hand site of the search results. The big advantage with PPC is that you can get traffic virtually instantly.

Use video sharing sites

Video sharing sites like YouTube has gotten a lot of media attention lately. You tube is just one of many video sites you can use to drive traffic to your site for free. Creating a video does not have to be hard, there are a lot of ways to create video that does not require you to be a holywood actor, or even appearing on screen.

Press releases

Press releases is another classic way to get your message out. Lets face it, the media constantly need new things to write about and a lot of the things your read about in papers are cut right from press releases.. If your story gets picked up by media it can bring huge amounts of traffic to your site.

In the next couple of days I will go through each of these tactics in much more detail and telling you how to use them to get more visitors to your site.

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