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You might have noticed that my last few Blog entries have a small icon at the bottom of each post. The icon is from a service called Zemanta. Zemanta is a really nice new service that will assists you in your blogging.

The program is available as a free Firefox addon, and that is the version I am using. You can also get it as a plug-in for Wordpress. There is no real difference in using the addon version or the plug-in, you have access to the same functions. If you are writing alone on your Blog the add-in works fine and it’s also best if you only want to try it out. Then if you like it you can install the plug-in and the functionality will be there for everyone writing on your Blog.

When you write a Blog post with Zemanta installed you will see a few extra windows. The image window matches your text with images from free photo sites on the internet. All photos are cleared for copyright. To add an image you like into your Blog simply click on the image and you have it there with credits and everything.

Another fine feature is the suggestion window. Here you see a list of other Blog entries with related information to your post. This is really great for research and when you want to add references to your text.

If you are interested in getting more web traffic, and I think you are. You should make sure your blog rss feed is added to the sources Zemanta uses for its suggestions. Then you have a chance of getting your Blog entries suggested to all users of Zemanta. Zemanta today gets its suggestions from Facebook, MyBlogLog and Twitter (and as usual get my traffic tips from yourtraffictips.com ).

I like Zemanta and will likely continue to use it. Sometimes the suggested images are a bit off but, before I mostly did not even bother with images. Now adding a matching image to a post takes about 3 seconds.

Take a visit to http://www.zemanta.com and give it a test. It will save you time and improve your posts.

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