You don’t have as much web traffic as you think!

Your Alexa site ranking can be very important. If you decide to sell your site, its traffic ranking will most likely have an impact on how much you will get for your site. If you sell advertising on your site you can be sure the advertiser checks your traffic rating.

But are the Alexa traffic numbers really correct?

It is not statistical valid

The Alexa ranking is not statistical valid for rankings above 100k and it clearly states so on their site. The Alexa ranking is calculated based on the number of visitors to your site that have the Alexa toolbar installed. If your site has too few visitors the estimate on how many of all visitors have the toolbar installed is wrong, its simply not statistical significant.

The results are skewed

Depending on who is your target market, your ranking will differ by huge amounts. People that are interested in knowing the ranking of their own sites are way more likely to have the toolbar installed. If your site is about marketing or targeted to web site owners more of them will have the toolbar. Because of this, Alexas estimate on how many percent of internet users that have the toolbar installed will be wrong. And your site will get an incorrect traffic ranking.

Tomorrow I will tell you how you can easily raise your Alexa ranking. If you want more real visitors to your web site I urge you to sing up to my free web traffic newsletter.

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Good inforamtion about Alexa site ranking. Your explanation about Alexa site ranking is very easy to understand. Thanks for the post.

I just found about alexa ratings and what they mean. some people say you cant get accurate alexa rating unless you install the alexa widget but i don’t think that is true. I have noticed that my rating have increased dramatically from 8 million to 2 million. You are doing pretty well if you can get your alexa rating down to 100,000 like popular sites like shoemoney and Very good post. I think people look at alexa rating over page rank. page rank does not matter anymore.

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