Are you putting Bad content on your site?

When you start a new site you should start to build your content right away. It will always take a while for search engines to find you and see you as a source of information that should be indexed.

Social bookmarking and web 2.0 sites has made it much faster to get pages indexed than it used to be.

It also takes a while to build incoming links and your need to slowly build the internal link structure. If you suddenly just release a 100 page site search engines will see that as suspicious. There are already way too many sites just created to index and sell adverts. Sites that use ripped duplicate content from other sites. Spam sites using computer generated content created by randomly combining other sources on the internet.

There are even people selling something called Private label right articles, ie article sold for you to use and put your name on. PLR articles can be very cheap, much cheaper than if you had a ghost-writer to create them for you. Let us assume the PLR article is well written, often they are not. When you buy them you do not know since you don’t read the articles before you buy them. The real bad thing with PLR articles is that they are sold and used by many users. The result is that search engines will see them as duplicate content and only index one site that is using the plr article. The engines will pick the site they think is the most credible source of the article, and it will not be a brand new site.

So the sad conclusion is, bite the bullet, and create good content for your site from the start. Once you have the content you can use some of the tips from my daily traffic tips mailings to get more visitors to your content.

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Yes I agree. Trust your instincts and produce content that you consider high quality.

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