How to get web traffic using social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the many new ways to drive traffic to your site. Done right you can get an absolutely enormous surge of traffic for a short period of time but there are also more long time advantages with social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking sites let people tag web sites and add comments to them. You can build you list of bookmarks on internet and always have it available regardless of which computer you are using.

If you are like me and work from several computers using several different browsers, each end up with a different list of bookmarks. This is a mess. Social bookmarking unmakes the mess. I would recommend it for your personal use regardless of web traffic generation.

Another big benefit of social bookmarking sites is that you can add a comment to the bookmark. And that you can share your bookmarks with others.

This is where the traffic generation comes in

When you share your bookmarks other people can see them and follow them to your site. People search your bookmarks based on tags and comments so having people add comments on your bookmarks does help.

There are two major types of social bookmarking sites. Just plan bookmarking sites and social sites that also allow you to vote on how interesting a page is. The social sites order results based on the number of votes during some time. Top voted articles gets placed first and will get a lot more exposure, even being featured on the front page of these high traffic sites.

When you vote for an already submitted site on a social bookmarking site it is called tagging.

Adding a social bookmark for your site also alert search engine spiders about new content and will give you a quick visit. In fact adding a social bookmark to your web page can get it indexed in popular browsers sometime within hours and you can start benefit from search engine traffic immediately.

If you on the other hand add it manually to the search engine it can take months to get the page indexed, nowadays I don’t ever add my pages to the search engines I rely on social bookmarking instead.

So what sites are there to use? Here is a few of the top ones I use:
Google bookmarks

To start using Social bookmarking for your pages create a free account. Then simply add your page. Most of the sites allow you to write a profile and add a link to your web page. Don’t forget it. It is a free back-link and also god for search engine optimization.

Now go ahead and make an account on these sites I listed.

Tomorrow I will write about how you go about using the accounts to get your sites listed in the search engines and get even more direct traffic.

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Thanks. Social bookmarking is a great way to get your page indexed and to start getting web traffic from Google.

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