5 new ideas for researching keywords

I have written an introduction to keyword research earlier. If you have not read it before take a few minutes and go back and read that post.

Keyword research is important to make sure there is an audience for what you write about. It is also a tool to find new audiences you did not even know existed. If you are selling products it might even reveal large niche markets you have missed.

Use your competition

Find other pages about the same subject you cover. Check their pages, use their meta tags, see what seems like keywords in titles and headers.

Use your imagination

The obvious start is to think about what people would search for if they knew your page existed and they wanted to find just exactly your information.

List all product info

If you are writing about product make sure you include even the very specific information. For example the exact camera model number if you write about a Sony camera. The isbn number if you write about a book. Don’t stuff your page with this but include it somewhere on the page. Some people are searching for exactly what you are writing about; give them a chance to find it.

Use Google suggests

Google suggests shows relevant ideas for what you want to search for as you type you keyword. They also show the number of results for the different suggestions.
More pages about a subject spell more competition. Aim for low competition and a large number of searches on Wordtracker.

Use Google Adwords

Google Adwords have a build in keyword suggestion tool. Create a campaign and use the tools for keyword research, you even get an estimated traffic volume. If you do not want to there is no need to actually run the campaign.

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