Are people talking behind your back?

Do you want to know what people are saying about you, your site or your products?

Google alerts let you subscribe to a search phrase. If you signup to the free service you get a new mail each day on new discoveries by the google bots for your phrases.

Subscribe to keywords related to your product or site and you will discover new forums and blogs. Some I guarantee you did not know existed.

Subscribe to you’re your name as a keyphrase and you will now right away when something is written about you on the internet.

If you have a product, subscribe to all news related to your product. I have several software products and I get alerts as soon as the software is discussed somewhere. If someone is asking a question I can jump in and answer it. If someone is complaining about the program I can go in and explain.

I have also found completely new uses for my software. People have used the software to solve issues with it I did not even know existed. Things I would not know today if I did not have my alerts setup.

Say you write a blog about “personal development”, just enter “personal development” in google alert. Each day you will get a new mail listing new discussions, blogs and news related to “personal development”. This reminds me, I have a few more terms I should subscribe to.

Another thing you should subscribe to is my free web traffic mailing list at You will get a new web traffic tip in your inbox each day. Each tip is written as short as possible with a step by step list, it will take you no more than 1 minute to read if you don’t take action, which you should though.

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