Are your sites better than your competition? is the largest online bookstore in the world. started with selling books online. Now you can buy almost anything from them. What is perhaps not that well known is that also has a range of web services? One of the largest is Alexa.

Alexa measures web popularity by users that have their toolbar installed and some other sources. Since not all traffic is measured you get a statistical value and it will vary a bit depending on what type of visitors you site has. The more visitors a site has the more accurate the numbers are.

Alexa ranks sites by their position in the world. The most popular site in the world is number 1, the second most popular number 2 and so on. The results are also over a period of time, when your site is new it will take a few weeks for the score to reflect reality and stabilize.

I wrote this in a previous post but here are the step by step instructions to use Alexa:
• Go to and click on the “Traffic ranking” button
• Enter the url your want to investigate. You will see how the site ranks in the world over time.
• Click on the “sites linking in” link in the left bar to get a list of the referring sites.
• Click on the “related links” to get the top other sites people visiting this site is also visiting.

If a site is ranked among the top 1 million sites in the world it is actually quite good. At 100 000 it is a great success.

You can use Alexa to learn which competition is successful and which you don’t need to worry about yet.

Use the related links to find competition or possible partners you might now have known about.

Alexa also lists the most popular sites in the world, you can view the 500 most popular for free. If you want more result you can buy it from the site, this information can be invaluable to see trends in the world.

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In spite of facing tough competition from Google, Alexa is having a strong stand and presence among the Internet users. Apart from being a search engine, Alexa now also offers informative and important information on the sites that one might want to know about. Alexa’s new related links has enabled the Internet users to know all about a particular field by visiting all the sites related to that field.

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