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I am always interested in knowing how I am doing against other similar sites in my area. If they are getting more visitors I want to know and find out why. If I am doing better than the competition that is also valuable to know. Besides, it feels good! is a service that let you compare site traffic for different web sites side by side. You enter the top urls of the sites you want to compare. The service present you with a graph of the number of visitors for each site every month one year back in time.

If you signup for their pay service you get results up to three years back in time. The service is a bit expensive at $499 a month. Included with the subscription you also get a complete list of keywords driving traffic from search engines and a breakdown on what sites are referring traffic. You can also find out where visitors are heading after a visit to a site.

I use the free service to monitor my sites.

You have to remember that just as with Alexa the traffic data compete uses is not complete. I have seen months on my sites that have been better than average from my analytics, monitoring all traffic. On compete these month looked like bad months. The more traffic the site has the more correct are the numbers from compete. The same goes for keywords, I have some keywords that did not show up in compete that really where my top ones.

My main use for compete is to check the top competition to get ideas for keywords that I can use on my pages and in articles I write. I find it really valuable as a help with keyword research. Even if the numbers are not 100% accurate I know that at least one person used the phrase and probably more. Then I use the keywords to generate more keywords with other tools. It is also interesting to see if a competition has targeted a completely different niche for their product than I have. In that case it might be worth investigating.

Now you can investigate my free traffic tips newsletter and get more visitors to your sites. No point in monitoring a site if you don’t have any visitors, right?

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Comments sounds like a tool to keep an eye on especially if you are aiming for the US market.

Wikipedia states this about
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (

“ is a United States web traffic analysis service that publishes the approximate number of U.S. visitors to the top 1,000,000 web sites in the United States. This number is computed from sources including internet service providers, opt-in panels, application providers, and users of the Compete toolbar. Unlike Alexa Internet, the service does not provide information for global Internet traffic. is a service of Compete, Inc. which was launched in 2000 by Bill Gross, an entrepreneur who started the search engine GoTo,[1] has over 2 million members as of 2008.[2]“

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