Google insight

Another great tool you should know about is Google insight.

Google insight is a free service from Google that allows you to compare search patterns in categories, in specific regions and over time. It also gives a list of search terms related to your keywords.

Enter one or more search term in the search box.

Next, Filter the results from the filter drop down lists. Perhaps you are only interested in results from the last year.
If you are only doing business in one country you can filter on that country and you can filter on a specific category. This might be important if your term could be used in several different contexts.

When you are done click search

First you will see a graph of search trend over time. The scale is normalized so you don’t see the exact number of searches but will see trends clearly. If the keyword is gaining more interest over time or less. If the trend is going down perhaps this is not a good keyword to spend energy on. But on the other hand if the search term is getting few searches today but have a positive trend it might still be worth going after. Use Wordtracker together with Google insight and you have a pretty good idea of the number of the future of the term.

Below the trend graph you see a world map with all different shades of blue depending on how popular the term is in a region off the world. Remember that for search term with low search volume the results may be skewed for the smaller regions regions.

Last, and perhaps most interesting is the list of related search terms. Use these as suggestions of new keywords you might want to target. You also get a list of related keywords that have a positive trend even if they keyword you searched for had a negative trend.

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This is really useful and fun! I found it intersesting to see what keywords are up and rising when I searched for nothing

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