Improve web traffic with keyword research – Part 1

Keyword research is the process of finding words and phrases that people use when searching the internet.

Keyword research acts like a catalyst for web traffic generation.

“Catalysis is the process in which the rate of a chemical reaction is increased by means of a chemical substance known as a catalyst. Unlike other reagents that participate in the chemical reaction, a catalyst is not consumed.”

Keyword research does not generate traffic in itself but keyword research can multiply the speed you generate traffic with virtually all other web traffic tactics.

You use the words and phrases you find when you generate content for other traffic tactics. By researching the words people use for searching you know where it is most effecticve to spend your time.

You will know if there is so much competition for a phrase that it is not even worth going after. You will know if there is so little interest in a phrase that even if you manage to get the number one sport in the search engines, it would still not get you any visitors.

So how do you go about doing keyword research?

First of all I assume you have a site and a subject you are focusing on.

Write down the phrases you think people would use to find your content. Write these down in a new spreadsheet file, one phrase per row. Your phrases needs to be at the very least two words long.

I will post later about how you can come up with more phrases but that is a subject in itself that will take a full post.

Tomorrow I will continue with details on how to do the keyword research and how to know which phrase to focus your time on. By focusing your time on where it makes the most different you will improve you traffic even more when doing any tactic.

Today you should focus on coming up with keywords for your research. Take a few seconds to signup to my new “Improve by Doing” newsletter to learn more about web traffic generation. Remember, the key to any traffic generation tactic is actually doing it.

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