Three free tools to exploit your web competitors

Is someone stealing your visitors? No matter what your site is about there are other sites on the internet targeting the same type of visitors, your visitors.

Would it not be great if you could spy on your competition and see what they do?

If you know what keywords people are using to find your competition you can target the same keywords. If you know the top sites linking to your competitions pages you can try to get links from them as well. Anyway, if you don’t do this your competitors might. You might want be interesting on what can be found out about your sites.

The first tool – Alexa

Alexa let you measure how a domain ranks in the world.
• Go to and click on the “Traffic ranking” button
• Enter the url your want to investigate. You will see how the site ranks in the world over time.
• Click on the “sites linking in” link in the left bar to get a list of the referring sites.
• Click on the “related links” to get the top other sites people visiting this site is also visiting.

The second tool – Compete let you compare sites over time. The results from compete is also gathered from a toolbar and cooperating sites and ranks how popular a site is. You get the basic information for free. If you want more information they have a pay service you need to signup to.
• Go to
• Enter the url and click the “Get Site Analytics”
• See the top keywords driving traffic

The third tool – SpyFu

SpyFu is another variation on the basic same idea. You get organic searches but also information on keywords used in advertisement campaigns.
• Go to
• Enter the url and click
• See the top advertised keywords and organic keywords

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These are interesting tools but what does organic searches mean? and what is the difference to other “searches”?

Organic search is the normal results you get when you search in a search engine as opposed to the Pay per click results. IE you can not pay for your organic ranking, well at least not directly.

Firstly, in Snapshot one can compare only three sites. Secondly, sites with less that 10000 uniques are excluded and thirdly, this is available only for the US audience. These three limitations still keep Google the favorite followed by Alexa.

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