Concepts Instead of keywords

I have written about the importance of keyword research before and it is important. But, the game is changing. First a short background than I will tell you why this is important to you.

One of the new search engine technologies getting talked about lately is LSI. LSI stands for latent semantic indexing and it is a first step toward the semantic web. There are a number of research project trying to manually add semantic data to web pages. But, if this is ever going to work it is a long time away.

A problem with keyword is that it is just that a keyword. With LSI search engines.tries to associate a concept with your web page instead of just a keyword list. The algorithm is based on statistical analysis on terms often used together. For the details you can check out this page : the executive summary gives a bit more information than this post without getting too technical.

But why is this important?

In practice since LSI is a part the secret ranking algorithm used on your web page you should use synonyms when you write. What this in practice mean is that its even more important to focus on the content on your pages and less on the keywords. Keyword research is still important to make sure there is anyone interested in what you are writing about. The basic on-page optimization still applies but after that just write the text good. LSI is bound to be even more important in the future and if you write good content for real persons you are well prepared. LSI is only one step in the way to get rid of search engine spam and to give everyone better search results.

In Google you can try to search for your search term with a ~ char before the keyword and you will get a list with similar terms.

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