Off-page search engine optimization

Yesterday I wrote about on-page web page Search engine optimization. On-page optimization is required to get your web page to rank well but it is not enough.

The other big ingredient in getting top ranking in the search engines is called off-page optimization. Off-page optimization is about making other pages help increase your pages ranking. In practice it is about getting links form other pages to your page. The higher rank the page has the better.

You want the anchor text used to link to your page to contain your keywords.

The first thing you should make sure is to fix your internal link structure. You want your internal pages to link to your other relevant internal page. When you link from internal pages you control the anchor text so there should be no problem getting the correct keywords there. And again, the keywords you use in the anchor are the keywords important to the page you link to.

Once you have your page create using the guidelines in the on-page optimization text and your internal link structure setup you are ready for the next step.

If you have other relevant web sites you want to add links from these sites as well to your page. Make the links in one direction from your old pages to the new page you want to rank.

There are so many ways to get internal links to your site that I have a dedicated newsletter to give you a new tip each day. Signup to my web traffic tips newsletter, I give a lot of ideas for how you can get more links to your page, one tip a day.

You want the number of incoming links to your site to grow in a natural way. If you get several hundreds link to your page suddenly search engines will notice and you will be penalized. You can check how many incoming links you have in Google by searching for your domain with the link: prefix

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“If you get several hundreds link to your page suddenly search engines will notice and you will be penalized”

In what way? Lower ranking, not shown as a result at all?

Thanks for an excellent blogg btw =)

Well no body not working at Google really knows for sure.

You just want to make sure your site is not tagged in their system as a spam site.

If your suddenly over night get several hundred incoming links it looks very strange, this is not something that would happen to a normal site. A normal site would grow in popularity as more and more people discover it and links to it.

If your site is marked as a “bad site” you will have a Very hard time getting among the top results for searches. Your site might even drop out of the index.

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