On page Search engine optimization

On page SEO is about making it easy for the search engines to index your web page for the right terms. There are a few things you should always do or at least know about when creating a web page.

Use the <title> tag

The title tag is displayed in the title of the web browser. You should always have a title tag and it should contain you most important keyword. Make the title relative short, there is no point in stuffing in all keywords. The longer the title the less weight your keyword in the title will have. Make the title readable and relevant but include the keyword

Use <h1> and <h2> tags

The h1 and h2 tags are probably the most important tags after the title tag. Use the tags for headlines. You can change the look of the tags with stylesheets and you can even use the <h> tags if you write in Wordpress. Make sure your first <h1> tag includes your top keyword.

Use <meta> description

The meta description does not directly affect your ranking but when a page has one it will be used in search engines. The meta description is what shows as site description when someone sees your site in the search engine results. Write it as a advert to get people to visit your site.

Bold and italic

Bold and italic fonts words are important and you want a few bold italic terms in your body text. Bold and italic are given more weight than other words so having keywords as bold and italic is a good thing. Don’t overdo it, remember that in the end someone is going to read your text, always have this in mind, create your pages for real persons.

Body text

Don’t include your keywords more than a few times in your article or your text might be penalized. Try to use the keyword once in the beginning of the text and once at the end of the text and that is it. In the early days of the internet the number of keywords was used to determine how relevant a text was. Now the algorithms are a lot more sophisticated and they are changing all the time.
Write your body about the subject and don’t care too much about keywords and you will probably end up with a better text. Again focus on writing for real persons and follow these simple rules.

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This is solid advice! This is something everybody should do. As you state, it will only need doing once. I will check my employers site and see what job our web admin have done and then point him here.

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