What is a Blogroll?

What is a Blogroll and what is the advantage to having one public? I just got asked this question after helping a friend setting up a new Wordpress blog.

A blogroll is simply a list to other related blogs often with a short snippet of the latest post.

For SEO its good to be featured on other peoples blogrolls. One way incoming links to your site from related content is one of the most if not the very most important component in Search Engine Optimization. Also, if your blog gets featured on a high traffic site you will get visitors.

The best way to get your blog featured in other peoples blogrolls is to create good content and to do it consistently. If you happen to know the person who writes the blog it does not hurt to ask.

For visitors to your site a blogroll can be good. Make sure you direct them to quality blogs related to your content.

Some webmasters are worried that adding outgoing links from their site will lower their ranking. Google recently wrote in their official blog that outgoing links to relevant sites will in fact NOT harm your ranking but rather improve it. You can read the official statement here. There are also several well known internet marketers that have come to the same conclusion even before the official statement.

Being featured in other people’s blogrolls helps you getting web traffic. The only problem is that it will usually take time for people to notice you and start linking to you. To get several other ideas on how to build your web traffic you can subscribe to me free web traffic newsletter.

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