Bring more people to your site using Web 2.0 sites – Part 2

Yesterday I gave some background to web 2.0 and what it is.

Anyway, what has this to do with web traffic generation?

Besides my example from yesterday there is a whole new breed of web sites that let you create your web pages on their site from your web browser.

Some of the most popular sites of the breed are: – Google blogging platform – Create specific pages around a subject – Yahoos communication portal including a blogg – Blogg using wordpress hosted at

These services are generally very easy to setup.

You can use these sites in traffic building by linking them to your main page.

When these services are used like this we call them feeder pages.

You create a new account and can start creating right away. When you create your account remember to take the time to fill out your profile. Most of these allow one link to your main web page.

The first advantage of using these services is that you can create links yourself to you main site. As your page gets indexed you will see a flow of traffic to your site from this site.

Another big advantage of a web page created on one of these social sites is that they are hosted on high credibility sites. They have high pr. If many pages like this links to your web page you not only get visitors following these links you also get a search engine benefit.

I would recommend, and I do it myself, to use pages created on services like this as feeders for your main page.

To get the best result in the search engines you should only link in one direction. In other words, only link from a feeder page to your main web page. Never link from your main site to your feeder.

You should also focus your feeder page on a specific keyphrase, that is one of the big benefits of the feeder pages. You can dedicate a complete web page on just one keyphrase.

When you have a network setup you will have to continue maintaining it. You should make a change to your feeder pages at least once time per month.

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Another good post. I am very interested in and work with mobile services. I know Blogger is preconfigured in Sony Ericsson 3G devics and I use that but it a poor integration.
To my question: Does anyone have experience on a good mobile web 2.0 feeder page?

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