How to bring more people to your site using Web 2.0 sites

What is this thing called web 2.0?

In this first post I will make a short introduction of the web 2.0 phenomena.

Tomorrow I will post part 2 and I will answer the practical question.

How can you use it to bring more people to your site?

Web 2.0 is currently way too hyped in my opinion. Really the term is coined and basically refers to a second generation of more modern web pages.

The first web 1.0 refers to static web pages. This second generation refer to pages that allow more user interaction on the page directly.

User interaction has always been available on the web. In the old days it meant you interacted with the page, a server request was send and a new web page was generated.

Web 2.0 pages are more like small computer programs that can do much of the interaction on your computer without involving a server. This let you build a whole new range of web pages that acts like computer programs. Google’s suit of office programs are a good example of this, advanced services that run smoothly in a standard web browser.

Another part of web 2.0 is user created content and user interaction, the social web. I talked before about social bookmarking sites and they are a very good example of this. Users manually select what pages to show on the site and users vote on how to order them and they communicate around the articles.

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Great idea to use the stickiness of web 2.0 sites to saw seeds that will eventually grow into increased traffic!

I would like to add to your definition however.

I always claim that “a web 2.0 site is nothing but an empty shell without its consumers/users”

This is relevant in your blog-context because it might be useful to spend the right amount of time on the right sites.

keep up the good work, I will follow your path to wisdow:-)


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